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Advances in Non-Contact Temperature Measurement for Continuous Annealing and Galvanizing Lines

Presented by Manfred Hayk, Global Infrared (IR) Product Manager - AMETEK Land

In this webinar, AMETEK Land introduces how advances in accurate non-contact temperature measurements for continuous annealing (CAL) and galvanizing (CGL) lines ensure required metal characteristics and surface conditions are achieved in steel production.

You will learn the requirements and challenges for infrared temperature measurement in annealing and galvanizing processes, including coiler welder, hot bridle, overaging, rapid cooling, soaking, galvanneal exit and top roll applications. It looks at how to select the best measuring method, considering what, how and where, for both vertical and horizontal lines. 

The webinar will then focus on the new SPOT GS, an advanced non-contact infrared spot pyrometer specifically designed for continuous, highly accurate measurements of coated steel strip temperature during the galvanneal reaction.

It demonstrates that combining cutting-edge, non-contact SPOT technology with specialized software algorithms will deliver reliable and accurate temperature readings, for galvannealed and galvanized steel strips, which are needed for close monitoring of the reaction zone, enabling automated furnace management that in turn delivers tighter control of product quality.