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Steel Times International - High Quality, High Accuracy

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Read our latest article in Steel Times International where our experts discuss how accurate temperate measuring is a key aspect to making high quality steel, and using the right tool is
the most effective way to ensure that quality is maintained, regardless of external factors. 

Steel Times International - August 2022"STEEL plants use a continuous annealing line (CAL) to modify the grain structure of the metal through heat treatment, changing properties including hardness and strength. This process has several controlled heating and cooling stages, which produce steel with the required qualities. Accurate temperature monitoring and control in each zone is essential for process and quality control

A continuous galvanizing line (CGL) can be used to apply a coating of zinc or zinc/aluminium onto the surface of steel strip to improve corrosion resistance. Galvannealing is performed to alloy the coating into the steel substrate. This also requires accurate temperature monitoring, this time at the exit of the galvannealed section."

View the full article on pages 58-60