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Glass Worldwide - Optimising Operations Through Thermal Monitoring

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Read our latest article in Glass Worldwide where Philippe Kerbois explains how using AMETEK Land's thermal imaging system and software solution to monitor batch coverage and crown temperatures in glass melt tanks can help to improve efficiency and product quality.

Glass Worldwide September-October 2022"Glass melt tanks are enormously energy-intensive and experience the highest temperatures in the glass production process. Thermal monitoring of the tank is essential to ensure the efficiency of the melt process and to maintain consistent glass quality.

Additionally, variation in batch coverage has a direct impact on furnace temperatures. The temperature clearly drops when the batch moves to the front of the furnace, so continuous real-time monitoring of the batch is another important consideration to avoid glass defects.

When it is installed looking into a glass melt tank, AMETEK Land's NIR-B-2K-Glass thermal imaging camera allows continuous, 24/7 monitoring of batch melting. Combined with the IMAGEPro-Glass advanced thermal imaging software suite, it enables temperature measurements of the melt line along with hot spots on thermal profiling, batch coverage and batch transit time."

Read the full article on Page 106 in Glass Worldwide September / October 2022