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AMETEK Land to Present on Thermal Imaging of Fuel Feed Issues in Biomass Boilers at International Biomass Conference & Expo 2022

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

International Biomass Conference

AMETEK Land will present a paper on thermal imaging of fuel feed issues in biomass boilers at the 2022 International BIOMASS Conference & Expo, March 14-16, 2022, Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

Derek Stuart, Global Product Manager for Power, Combustion and Environmental at AMETEK Land
will look at how many biomass fuel sources pose problems that are not present in traditional coal- or gas-fired boilers. Inconsistent fuel feeds, slagging, and other operational difficulties are exacerbated by the nature of many biomass fuels. He will discuss how understanding the conditions within the boiler is essential for efficient and safe operation.

Derek will explain how a borescope thermal imager operating in the 3.9 µm mid-infrared region can provide detailed information on the conditions within the boiler. The 3.9 µm wavelength is a spectroscopic window where flames do not emit infrared radiation. Because the flames are not visible to it, the imager can look through the flames to measure the temperature of the grate and boiler tubes. It is, therefore, able to measure slag build-up on the boiler tubes and view the biomass fuel as it burns on a moving grate.

AMETEK Land has used mid-infrared imaging to visualize fuel flows and solve problems in a variety of biomass boiler configurations. This presentation will highlight our experience in different boilers and show how thermal imaging can identify combustion problems such as poor fuel feeds and slagging of heat transfer surfaces, as well as practical issues such as obscuration of the viewports by slag,” explains Derek.