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Lead Times Remain Low and Consistent

Monday, November 8, 2021

At AMETEK Land we constantly review and assess our supply chain to ensure that our world-class lead times are maintained – a customer promise that is especially crucial in these challenging times. 

Low & Consistent Lead TimesWith industries around the world currently facing significant delays in the supply chain, longer lead times in the availability of thermometer products are inevitable. AMETEK Land is not facing these same issues, and we want to reassure our customers that we’re able to maintain our excellent delivery times for customers.

As part of AMETEK Inc., we get the benefits of being part of a large global organisation which enables us to obtain critical raw materials through our extensive and reliable network.  In addition to assured lead times, superior customer service is also a high priority: customers can be reassured that our continued investment and commitments, coupled with our robust supply chain management, means we are confident in the supply of products quickly and efficiently, avoiding unnecessary downtime or delays to industrial processes. 

In the case of our SPOT thermometers, our high-performance pyrometers used for a wide range of industrial processes, we currently have a maximum lead time of only four weeks!

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