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Bioenergy Insight - Spontaneous Heating in Biomass Silos

Friday, November 19, 2021

Bioenergy Insight - November/December Issue 2021Read our latest article in Bioenergy Insight, where Derek Stuart discusses spontaneous heating in biomass silos and explores early detection methods to keep supplies (and people) safe.

"Wood pellets have many desirable properties when used as fuel: they are sustainable, energydense, have low moisture content, and are easy to transport. However, they do oxidise easily, and this means they are susceptible to spontaneous heating which, left unchecked, can lead to spontaneous combustion.

Fortunately, techniques are available that allow oxidation to be detected early, so that preventative measures can be taken long before a damaging fire breaks out. Risks of unwanted combustion — potentially causing injury, damage and downtime — occur everywhere pellets are handled, processed, or stored."

Read the full article in Bioenergy November / December Issue 2021