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Iron and Steel Today - SPOT on Measurements

Monday, February 17, 2020

Read our latest article in Iron & Steel today where Peter Unwin, AMETEK Land’s Global Industry Manager – Metals, looks how non-contact temperature measurement is effective in optimising production in the galvanising process.

Iron and Steel Today - SPOT on MeasurementThe purpose of the continuous galvanising line (CGL) is to apply a coating of zinc onto the surface of steel strip in order to increase its corrosion resistance. This is done by passing the  strip through a molten zinc pot under tightly controlled temperature conditions. The strip is heated before contacting the zinc, then cooled before further processing. 

Galvannealed steel also adds a second process. The strip is heated after zinc coating, causing iron to diffuse into the zinc, forming a harder more scratch and corrosion-resistant iron zinc alloy coating, that is more suitable for forming and spot-welding operations. 

Accurate strip temperature must be maintained to produce high-quality products and in this controlled and varied environment, production engineers and technicians have two choices. The first is thermocouples, which measure the furnace atmosphere via contact temperature measurement and heat conduction, and secondly non-contact sensors, which measure the temperature of the strip directly through radiated heat energy, in the form of infrared radiation (IR). 

Read the full article in Iron and Steel Today - December 2019 / January 2020