Webinar Now Available On Demand - Pollution Control and Safety Monitoring in Power Plants

Thursday, September 5, 2019

In this webinar, AMETEK Land introduces how advances in gas and dust concentration monitoring and continuous thermal imaging temperature measurements in thermal power generation plants help enhance safety, efficiency and environmental performance.

High-accuracy measurements of flue gas composition are essential in optimising the combustion process, regardless of fuel used (biomass, coal, waste). High-performance gas and dust concentration measurements are also required to control pollution to meet regulatory requirements and infrared temperature measurements provide essential safety monitoring to protect plant condition. 

The webinar will demonstrate how the most effective and accurate method of achieving these measurements is through a comprehensive range of dedicated power generation solutions including dust, opacity and combustion efficiency monitors, carbon monoxide detectors and thermal imagers

You will learn:

• Learn the fundamentals of emissions and temperature measurement in thermal power plants. 
• Understand the importance of continuous emissions monitoring for regulatory compliance. 
• Identify the risk/safety factors to consider at every stage of the combustion process throughout the plant.
• Discover the range of dedicated power generational solutions available. 

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Derek StuartDerek Stuart, Global Product Manager - Power, Combustion and Environmental
Derek Stuart has more than 25 years' experience in industrial gas and dust concentration measurements. As a product development specialist, he was responsible for the design of several continuous emissions monitors, including the successful 4500 opacity monitor which is used to monitor particulate matter emissions in stack gases worldwide. He is a Chartered Physicist, a member of ASTM with contributions to several ASTM standards, and holds two patents in the field of opacity monitoring.