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Revolutionary New Software Enables Advanced Real Time Data Analysis and Control for AMETEK Land Thermal Imaging Cameras

Friday, October 4, 2019

AMETEK Land has released two new innovative software packages — IMAGEViewer and IMAGEPro — that include advanced tools for monitoring, controlling, analysing and capturing thermal imaging data for all available AMETEK Land thermal imaging cameras and systems.
Free to download, the advanced IMAGEViewer software can live monitor and replay thermal imaging data from AMETEK Land’s instruments. Designed specifically to operate with AMETEK Land’s thermal imaging systems, the software provides an easy-to-use solution for thermal image processing, in combination with a Windows PC. 

Suitable for single camera operation, IMAGEViewer provides a real-time visualisation that includes temperature analysis and record function. Additionally, users can view and analyse “offline” recorded data with the playback function.

Users can also identify 20 single-point regions of interest by using the rectangle, ellipse, or free-draw tools or two profile lines. Two profile line graphs and a trend graph can be produced.

IMAGEPro is an advanced image processing software that helps control industrial processes as well as monitor, analyse and capture data from multiple thermal imaging cameras. Available with a 30-day free trial, it provides a wide range of control and analytical functions for exceptional process control, including multiple free-defined regions of interest. 

The software enables an easy exchange of information using simple cross-platform Modbus TCP protocol, analogue signals and alarm output via I/O modules. It also includes three levels of user management, ranging from “view only” access to control over all imager settings. 

The software’s powerful image processing supports real-time monitoring and analysis for up to 16 AMETEK Land imagers simultaneously. A flexible interface layout allows users to configure and arrange data windows across multiple monitors.

IMAGEPro“We’re continuously innovating our software to ensure our customers have the very best access to their performance data,” said Manfred Hayk, Global Infrared Product Manager for AMETEK Land.IMAGEViewer and IMAGEPro provide essential data processing and extensive process control with an open data interface that is compatible with today’s industry 4.0 environment.” 

Hayk continued, “These latest releases have major advantages for customers, such as greater process control, exchange of information enablement and powerful image processing that allows for real-time monitoring as well as accurate analysis. These benefits are vital in modern-day industrial environments.”

All of AMETEK Land’s infrared fixed thermal imagers are designed to be highly accurate, reliable devices that provide flexible digital communication with an easy installation and configuration process. What’s more, they are fully supported by the latest software technology.