Webinar Now Available On Demand - Non-contact temperature measurement advances in cement manufacturing

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Non-contact temperature measurement advances in cement manufacturing Now available on Demand

In this webinar, AMETEK Land introduces how advances in accurate non-contact temperature measurements in cement manufacturing ensure consistent quality, oversee the condition and efficiency of the kiln and detect emerging hot spots in materials.

Temperature monitoring in and around the kiln is essential to an efficient process, and to producing cement of consistent quality. It also enables early detection of kiln refractory issues or insufficiently quenched clinker, which could lead to production stoppages if left unchecked.

You will learn the requirements and challenges for infrared temperature measurement in cement production processes. The important points for these measurements are in and around the rotary kiln, measuring the burning zone, the kiln shell and the clinker cooler. The webinar will examine how to select the best measuring method, considering what, how and where, for the different processes. 

Attendees will also learn about the effective use of AMETEK Land’s near infrared borescope thermal imager to measure continuous temperature profiles in furnace interiors, or alternatively single spot measurements using its SPOT pyrometer.