SPOT Pyrometers Deliver Major Benefits for Indian Forging Industry

Monday, April 1, 2019

AMETEK Land SPOT Deliver Returns Sansera EngineeringSPOT pyrometers from AMETEK Land have enabled Sansera Engineering Ltd, part of the Sansera Group of companies based in India, to accurately measure the temperature of its forgings to optimise quality, whilst reducing scrap and eliminating the risks in processes.

Sansera Engineering Ltd is a leading exporter, manufacturer and supplier of steel forged and machined components for automotive original equipment manufacturers in India and around the world.  Twenty-five per cent of the company’s market is export, and it supplies to many of the international leaders in both cars and motorcycles.  The company also is the major supplier of machined components for the domestic operations of major automotive manufacturers in India.  The company, which is part of the Sansera Group headquartered in Bangalore, India, produces over 80 million parts per year, including engine and transmission components.

Sansera Engineering Ltd currently is on track to achieve 20 per cent year-on-year growth to support the rapidly developing automotive market in India. The company operates five forging plants and has plans to open new plants in India as well as expand capacity at existing ones.
The company is working close to capacity, while its customers increasingly demand the highest quality at the most competitive price. Sansera Engineering Ltd is looking for a way to achieve this goal, whilst minimising waste.

AMETEK Land has supplied over 40 high-performance, fixed non-contact SPOT pyrometers, primarily to ensure that steel billets are heated to the correct temperature before entering the press. Sansera Engineering Ltd uses induction billet heaters to heat up the metal billets to between 1150 °C and 1260 °C (2102 °F and 2300 °F) to forge various components. Induction heating provides a better option than furnace heating, as it delivers quick and efficient heat in forging applications. 

AMETEK Land SPOT Deliver Returns Sansera EngineeringThe SPOT’s extensive model range, adapted for temperature measurements ranging from 50 °C to 1800 °C (122 °F to 3272 °F), is designed to match specific process challenges in a wide range of industrial applications. The SPOT M160, a monochromatic pyrometer with a measuring range of 250 °C to 1600 °C (482 °F to 2912 °F) and a single wavelength 1.6 µm detector, was selected for the majority of Sansera Engineering Ltd’s specific applications
The non-contact SPOT M160 pyrometer measures the heated billet temperature when it exits the induction furnace to ensure it is within set values to produce the best quality products at highest production rate, with minimal tool wear. 

Powerful processing, communications and control functions deliver the accurate single-spot measurement, helping maintain high product quality and protect against costly process inefficiencies.
Simple to set up and intuitive to operate, SPOT pyrometers provide a rich stream of accurate, repeatable real-time temperature data delivered locally via the unit or remotely with custom SPOT software.AMETEK Land SPOT Deliver Returns Sansera Engineering
Everything Sansera Engineering Ltd needs is built into SPOT Pyrometers. With no separate processor required, set-up and operation are simple. Intuitive local and remote interfaces manage operational and sophisticated processing functions, while digital and analogue communications and alarm contacts are all included as standard.

Patented bright green, easy-to-see pulsed LED sighting pattern ensures optimum focus, while exactly confirming the target spot's location and size. The SPOT’s optics feature a motorised focus that can be easily accessed locally at the pyrometer or remotely over an Ethernet link.

Integrating motorized focus and sophisticated target alignment technologies help the user precisely focus SPOT’s advanced infrared optics. Its ‘point and play” design gives an accurate, stable measurement, more quickly, reducing maintenance time and enabling faster process adjustments.

AMETEK Land SPOT Deliver Returns Sansera EngineeringSansera Engineering Ltd has an impressive automation set-up throughout the plant to improve throughput. Integration of measurements from SPOT pyrometers enables easy temperature control and analysis, ensuring that highly detailed process optimisation decisions can be made. Plus, key measurement data of each billet is presented on jumbo displays, with 4-20mA input from SPOT, at key locations in the plant, and via Wi-Fi is captured on a plant PC, to give operators real-time temperature updates and logging for simple quality and process control.  

Every customer application is different, so the SPOT product range is designed to match specific process challenges. With extensive hardware, software, accessory and remote sensing options, SPOT serves Sansera Engineering Ltd’s needs precisely.
Sansera Engineering Ltd has improved the quality of its manufactured product as a direct result of the introduction of the AMETEK Land . It also has reduced billet dropouts and eliminated the risk of attempting to forge underheated billets. 

SPOT’s accuracy; its robust design, which eliminates the need for an additional cooling jacket; and its ability to provide direct temperature output have impressed Sansera Engineering Ltd. Plant engineers were able to install the SPOT pyrometers themselves, due to the SPOT’s ease of installation, plus carry out their own commissioning supported by AMETEK Land’s local service team in Bangalore, India. In addition, Sansera worked closely with this team to ensure 24/7 operation, plus receive fast turnaround when calibration is required.  

Sansera Engineering Ltd additionally uses AMETEK Land’s Cyclops L portable non-contact pyrometers, models 160L (200 °C to 1400 °C / 392 °F to 2552 °F) and 100L (550 °C to 3000 °C / 1022 °F to 5432 °F), to compare and validate process temperatures across all billet heaters and press locations for rapid quality inspections.  AMETEK Land SPOT Deliver Returns Sansera Engineering

“We have used AMETEK Land SPOT M160 pyrometers for continuous temperature measurement of induction billet heating for more than three years and are very happy with the performance of the product in terms of its accuracy and reliability. As a result, we now have reduced our rejection levels.  We also really appreciate the technical support and quick response provided by the AMETEK Land service centre in India,” comments Prakash V Gonnagar, Associate Vice President and Plant Head at Sansera Engineering Ltd Plant 12.

Girisha BV, Deputy Manager – Maintenance at Sansera Engineering Ltd Plant 7 adds, “It is very important for us to control and measure the billet temperature within set parameters to produce the best quality product.  AMETEK Land pyrometers provide consistent and reliable performance in taking billet temperature measurements.   We are very happy with the technical support we received from the AMETEK Land Bangalore service centre and will definitely select AMETEK Land pyrometers for all our future induction heating furnace billet temperature measurement requirements.”
AMETEK Land SPOT Deliver Returns Sansera EngineeringMr. Basavaraja SM, Head - Forging Operations at Sansera Group, fully supported the initial installations and helped demonstrate the benefits of the SPOT pyrometer as a highly effective solution for accurate temperature measurement of steel billets before they enter the press. Now AMETEK Land can look to expand installations into almost all forge shops within the Sansera Group.  

“Forging plants in India recognise the benefits of the SPOT pyrometer, both in terms of cost savings and reducing waste product,” explains Prasath Venkatasamy, National Service and Business Development Manager for AMETEK Land in India.  “By calibrating the equipment in our own NABL-accredited laboratory, our customers benefit from an easier transaction, shorter delivery times, local technical support, and access to annual calibration services.” 

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