SPOT Range of Non-Contact Thermometers on Display at Comforge 2018

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

AMETEK Land will demonstrate its innovative SPOT range of stand-alone infrared pyrometers for forging and heat treatment applications at Comforge 2018, November 28 – December 1, at the NSIC Ground, Aji Industrial Area, Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

Delegates visiting Comforge 2018, will see the SPOT fixed non-contact pyrometer that is designed with advanced integrated processing capabilities to make temperature measurement accurate, flexible and easy.

“Comforge 2018 provides us with a great opportunity to demonstrate our SPOT pyrometer to the metal forging and heat treatment industry in India,” notes Prasath Venkatasamy, National Service Manager for AMETEK Land in India. “The SPOT features the latest temperature measurement technology to help ensure that these companies remain one step ahead of their competition by continuously optimising quality and output.”

SPOT model variants allow users to select thermometer type, temperature range, spectral response and optical characteristics to suit applications from 50 to 1800 °C/ 122 to 3272 °F. For drop and rotary forgers and heat treaters requiring temperature measurement at hammering, induction hardening, carburizing, plasma nitriding and CAL line positions, there are multiwave length ‘R’ models, single wavelength ‘M’ models and ‘FO’ fibre-optic models, with small optic heads that allow access into the most difficult measure locations, are available.

The SPOT facilitates precise temperature measurement to support consistent product quality and ensure that metals are imbued with the desired levels of strength and stability during forging and heat treatment.

As everything is built into the SPOT thermometer, it is a truly stand-alone solution that requires no separate processor. SPOT can be powered by either 24-30V DC or Power-over-Ethernet. Its rear display and controls allow target viewing, temperature reading and set-up through simple, menu-driven choices.

One of the major advantages of SPOT is its outstanding target alignment. It features a thru-the-lens integrated camera with auto brightness and a patented, pulsed green LED to make measurement alignment much simpler on hot targets. SPOT also has a durable sapphire protection window that resists scratches and solvents and is easily cleaned with a soft cloth.

Users also benefit from SPOTViewer software, a Windows®-based utility add-on, which allows the user to connect, configure and view data from a SPOT thermometer. The SPOTViewer software communicates with the instrument using Modbus TCP communications. It can be installed on a Windows-based PC and allows the user to configure, display and log data.

In addition, AMETEK Land will present its thermal imaging solutions for reheat furnaces at Comforge 2018. The temperature should be uniform throughout the metal prior to being sent to forge presses for optimum quality and to reduce wastage. The most-effective and accurate method for achieving these measurements is through thermal imaging.