AMETEK Land to Present Pyrometer with Smart Actuator at Aluminium China 2018

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

AMETEK Land, the non-contact temperature measurement specialist with extensive expertise in the aluminium industry, will demonstrate its innovative SPOT AL EQS pyrometer, which is now available with a smart actuator for automatic alignment, at Aluminium China 2018, July 11-13, at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre on stand 1L38.

AMETEK Land SPOT AL EQS“The new actuator is set to further enhance the popularity of the SPOT AL EQS, which already is renowned for its versatility, reliability and performance.  This latest innovation enables non-contact temperature sensors to automatically and dynamically track and accommodate physical process changes as they occur. Higher quality extrusions and increased production yields can then be achieved,”  comments Richard Gagg, Industry Manager – Metals, for AMETEK Land.

SPOT AL EQS provides accurate temperature measurement and is ideal for use in aluminium extrusion, quench and strip applications.  This innovative pyrometer’s measurements are highly accurate and repeatable. It offers an industry-leading response time through the use of the latest cutting-edge temperature detector design, in combination with the most-advanced data processing algorithms. 

Specifically designed to work in low emissivity environments, in which regular pyrometers might struggle to provide accurate and reliable readings, the SPOT AL EQS is able to measure a wide temperature range from 200o to 700 °C / 392o to 1292 °F.  

AMETEK Land SPOT AL EQS ActuatorThe new SPOT actuator allows for very accurate alignment, as it increments through 900 discrete  positions over a 90 degree swivel angle. This allows it to exactly align on the optimum measurement position on the profile. Compact, quick and easy to configure, the SPOT actuator is designed for mounting the SPOT AL EQS pyrometer onto the press face or a suitable part of the press superstructure. 

“The advent of this new positioning technology allows for more repeatable and reliable temperature measurements to be taken,” continues Mr. Gagg. “The ability to integrate these measurements into press and quench controls can further improve product quality, including surface finish and desired metallurgical properties.” 

“By measuring these variables and understanding their effects on the process provides extruders with competitive advantages and attracts customers who demand the highest quality extrusions. Shorter setup times and increased production rates also improve profit margins. And, for less demanding extrusions, the ability to reduce die wear and increase production speeds results in improved efficiencies from the same press machinery,” he adds.

Designed in close collaboration with industry-leading aluminium producers and plant control system engineers, the SPOT AL EQS pyrometer with actuator is helping to lead the way in improving aluminium extrusion and strip plant throughput, quality and energy efficiency. 

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