Webinar now available on demand - Advances in Non-Contact Temperature Measurement for Iron and Liquid Steel Production

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


In this webinar, AMETEK Land introduce how advances in accurate non-contact measurements across a range of applications and under a variety of different conditions ensures high quality and high yield iron and molten steel production.

It considers the key stages in the production process and looks at temperature monitoring in coke ovens, hot spot monitoring on the post quench coke conveyors and transportation of direct reduced iron (DRI). Blast furnaces' hot mains and tuyeres, stove refractories, and iron tapping, torpedo car refractory lining is also discussed.

The webinar will then focus on slag detection carry-over monitoring from Basic Oxygen (BOF) and Electric Arc (EAF) furnaces to ladle to improve efficiencies and lower costs.

When liquid steel is tapped from a BOF or EAF, it is essential to minimise the amount of slag carried over into the ladle. High slag levels reduce the quality of the steel, make future processes less efficient, and causes wear to the ladle and increases the risk of nozzle clogging in the caster. Early and repeatable slag detection will improve efficiency and lower costs.

AMETEK Land's Slag Detection System warns the operator in an automated, dependable, repeatable and timely manner to stop the tap before slag is carried over. This helps improve production yields and ensures the steel produced has a lower slag content, improving quality. This also reduces the costs of additions and extends the life of refractory linings.

Key Take-Aways

Learn the fundamentals of non-contact temperature measurement for iron and liquid steel production processes.
Understand the application specific sensors available for temperature, hot spot and asset monitoring throughout these processes.
Discover the process, control and cost savings achievable by accurately monitoring temperature.
Importance of slag detection carry-over monitoring.


Richard Gagg, Global Industry Manager – Metals, AMETEK Land - Richard Gagg is AMETEK Land's Global Industry Manager - Metals. With over 35 years of technical experience with Land's full range of temperature measurement products, including process thermal imagers. Richard now specializes in non-contact temperature measurement applications within the within the metals industries.

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