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AMETEK Land Delves into The Thermocouple vs Pyrometer Debate with Free Resource

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Whether to use thermocouples or a portable pyrometer for temperature measurement in liquid metal applications is a decision long-debated in the industry. Now, AMETEK Land can help make the decision with its new download, ‘Thermocouples vs Cyclops L Portable Pyrometers – Frequently Asked Questions and Other Information’. 

Thermocouples VS Cyclops L Portable PyrometersThe world-leading manufacturer of instruments for industrial non-contact temperature measurement, combustion efficiency, and environmental monitoring, AMETEK Land provides a detailed comparison of the two solutions, outlining their benefits and drawbacks in liquid metal temperature measurements.

For example, thermocouples are highly accurate across a wide temperature range, offer a good response time, and have a low cost of ownership. However, they have limited accuracy at very high temperatures, can be affected by several factors, and require regular tip replacement, increasing the cost of consumables.

Portable pyrometers, on the other hand, use a non-contact measurement from a safe distance, deliver a faster, better response time, and have a wide temperature range measurement. They need a clear line of sight to the object being measured and can be affected by dust, smoke, steam, or other gases in the environment.

Cyclops LAMETEK Land’s Cyclops 055L portable pyrometer is highlighted as a solution for liquid metal measurements during the casting process to support metal quality, offering a rapid return on investment.

The Cyclops 055L model has an additional Meltmaster processing output, designed for molten metal measurements, which helps overcome variations in the radiation emitted from the metal stream, providing a valid estimation of the true temperature.

Alongside the frequently asked questions (FAQs) from customers about thermocouples and pyrometers in general, the download has full information about the Cyclops 055L, including specifications and accessories.

Prasath Venkatasamy, Global Industry Manager – Metals at AMETEK Land, said:  “Making the decision to use thermocouples or the Cyclops L can have significant implications for ongoing costs, operator safety, and measurement accuracy. This new FAQ document helps metal manufacturers to cut through the confusion and find the information they need to make the choice that best suits their application.”

Thermocouples vs Cyclops L Portable Pyrometers – Frequently Asked Questions and Other Information is available as a free download here