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AMETEK Land Addresses Key Facts About Human Body Temperature Screening in New Video Series

Monday, October 26, 2020

AMETEK Land has released a series of videos outlining what you need to know about temperature measurement technologies, following the successful launch of the VIRALERT 3 human body temperature screening system earlier this year.  

Human Body Temperature MeasurementNational and international agencies such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), recommend screening for skin temperature measurement inaddition to other core counter-measures as a tool to fight the spread of COVID-19, so it’s important that temperature screening systems are as accurate and reliable as possible.

AMETEK Land’s new video series covers topics including; key facts around accuracy, handheld vs thermal imaging technologies and facts around crowd scanning technologies. Each clip aims to help facility and property managers choose the right system to keep the premises safe.

Each short video is presented by an industry expert from LAND, and who have direct involvement in the development of VIRALERT 3. 

  • Video 1: Accuracy- focuses on why accuracy in body temperature screening is important, and how best to achieve accurate results.
  • Video 2: Thermal Imaging vs Handheld Non-Contact Thermometers- discusses the issues around handheld non-contact thermometers, such as social distancing, and suggests thermal imaging systems as a safer solution.
  • Video 3: Crowd Scanning- evaluates the factors that should be considered before deciding whether to purchase a single or multi-person thermal temperature screening system.

VIRALERT 3 meets the challenges of screening for skin temperature. It is manufactured in the U.K. and is fully compliant with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDA), and conforms to the latest Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) guidelines for temperature screening. 

Find out more about temperature measurement systems by watching the videos here