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AMETEK Land Leads the Global Fight in Returning People to Work Safely During COVID-19 Crisis

Monday, June 29, 2020

AMETEK Land has installed the company’s VIRALERT temperature screening system in nearby Dronfield Medical Practice to help bring extra confidence to staff and patients visiting the site

The system provides a safe, remote screening of human body temperature - typically the face - enabling the Dronfield Medical Practisedetection of the small changes in temperature induced by a fever. As elevated temperature is a key indicator of COVID-19, the system gives everyone visiting the surgery an extra layer of reassurance against admitting visitors who could be potential carriers of coronavirus.

Founded in 1947, AMETEK Land has grown from the early days supporting Sheffield’s steel industry to becoming a global leader in temperature measurement technologies. The company’s experience and leadership in developing accurate measurement required for human body temperature screening will be critical to getting the world’s communities and workforce operating again. 

“We at Dronfield Medical Practice wanted to see how we could all work together to “Stay Alert” by ensuring patients are seen appropriately, and by keeping all staff secure with the knowledge they are being looked after,”
says Kathryn Wileman, Practice Manager, Dronfield Medical Practice. She continued, “The installation of the VIRALERT equipment by AMETEK Land has been a very effective way to achieve this. If a visitor’s temperature is high, we can ask them to leave the premises, then arrange to see them safely without putting anyone at risk.”

“As the world reopens, people everywhere will want to be reassured they can return to work, travel or meet with as little risk as possible,” says Anthony Kirkham, Sales & Channel Partner Manager, AMETEK Land. “Our VIRALERT screening technology, developed locally for more than a decade, is accurate, reliable, and simple to install and operate – making it easy for companies and institutions to install in the effort to help keep people safe.”

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