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CDA - Incinerator

AMETEK Land Fixed Spot Non-Contact Thermometer - CDA Incinerator
Advanced non-contact infrared thermometer designed for measuring the gas temperature within waste incinerators.
  • Overview +

    The CDA thermometer is optimised to accurately measure the gas temperature in waste incinerators using AMETEK Land’s unique non-contact infrared technology. 

    CDA ‘sees’ through a cold ambient air to measure the hot carbon dioxide beyond. By filtering out other gas types, CDA provides a true gas temperature for exceptional control - improving both process safety and process efficiency. 

    Installed in an incinerator, the thermometer works as an ‘invisible thermocouple’, with its sight path extending above the furnace bed. With a simple two-wire loop connection and standard 4-20 mA signal output for easy connectivity, CDA ensures no interference with the process, ensuring an accurate measurement and high reliability. 
    CDA is intended primarily for measuring gas temperature in waste incinerators. It can also be used to measure furnace gas temperature in power generation and industrial processing applications, provided the path length is sufficient. 
    Insensitive to the presence of gases other than hot carbon dioxide, CDA delivers a highly stable, true gas temperature. 

    CDA fits our standard System 4 mounting accessories, air-cooled or water-cooled protection jackets, and air-purged sighting tube. This means there are no compatibility issues when using these attachments which provide excellent protection in harsh environments. 

    Fitted externally, the thermometer sight path extends into the incinerator atmosphere to a depth which depends on atmospheric conditions. This ensures no interaction with the combustion process and reduces maintenance requirements for the thermometer. 
    The CDA thermometer is AMETEK Land’s non-contact solution for measuring gas temperature in waste incinerators.

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  • Specifications +

    Range 400 to 1800 °C / 752 to 3272 °F
    Field of View 20mm/0.79in parallel to 600mm/23.6in (nominal)
    Output 0 or 4 to 20mA linear (2-wire loop connection)
    Response Time 1 to 10s adjustable
    Emissivity Adjustment 0.10 to 1.00 in 0.01 increments
    Resolution <0.5 °C / 1 °F
    Accuracy (Absolute) <0.5% Kelvin over 600 to 1600 °C / 1112 to 2912 °F
    <1% Kelvin over 400 to 600 °C / 752 to 1112 °F 
    <1% Kelvin over 1600 to 1800 °C / 2912 to 3292 °F 
    Ambient Temp. Limits 5 to 50 °C / 41 to 122 °F
    Drift with Ambient Temp. <2° per 10° ambient change
    Drift with Time <1 °C / 2 °F per year
    Power Supply 11 to 45V d.c.
    Sealing  To IP65/NEMA4X requirements
    CE EN 50-082-2 (immunity), EN 50-081-1 (emission), IEC 1010 (safety)
    Vibration 3g to 10 to 300Hz
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