Return Authorization Request Form

REGIONAL DISTRIBUTOR / AGENT : Note: We will always contact the authorized distributor/agent in the first instance.

Overhaul & adjustment to manufacturer’s specification
Repair (please include symptoms of fault in reason for return field)
Exchange/part exchange (subject to availability)
Warranty (failure within our general terms – please see user guide for details)
UKAS/ISO 17025 certification (Infrared thermometry only)
Other reason (as specified above)
Is the instrument within its initial warranty period?
How would you describe the equipment’s physical appearance?
Does the equipment appear to be operative?
Is the output fixed or displaying excessive instability?
Could the equipment have been incorrectly wired, received an electrical surge or exposed to strong electromagnetic field?
Has the equipment been damaged?

Does the equipment switches on/off, and power up normally?
Does the equipment have switch, terminal, connector or connection faults?
Is the display or output responsive to the process being measured or an electrical input (if applicable)?
Do you suspect the instrument is operating outside specification or giving inaccurate measurement?
Is the software/firmware functioning correctly?
Is the instrument communicating with external devices (if applicable)?
Are the optics clean when viewed through the lens and externally?
Does the equipment have damaged optical, alignment or focussing components
Is the equipment displaying an error message?