AMETEK Land Software - SPOTViewer
A free PC utility for SPOT infrared pyrometers, allowing configuration, display and logging of data.
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    Compatible with all SPOT pyrometer products, SPOTViewer software package enables easy control and analysis of your measurements from a Windows PC.
    Ideally suited to small plants where advanced process control systems are absent, SPOTViewer configures, display and logs data from a single location.

    An intuitive user interface presents data in a graphical view, making sophisticated analysis of trends and patterns simple – ensuring highly detailed process optimisation decisions can be made.

    For use with PC and laptops using Windows 7 SP2 and higher, SPOTViewer software works with SPOT products used in Power Generation, Aluminium, Steel and Industrial Processing applications.

    View temperature data and activated alarm status, change SPOT settings, and capture images from the pyrometer viewfinder from your PC screen.

    There’s no need to be present at the thermometer location if you’re using SPOTViewer. Get complete control over your temperature measurements, and make easy configurations to your pyrometer or actuator, from any connected PC running the software.

    Live and recorded temperature trend data delivers detailed information about each data point at a frequency of up to 1ms. Statistical analysis is available to calculate the minimum, average and maximum values, and the rate of change, for each temperature trend.

    Log temperature data directly to CSV (comma separated value) or TSV (tab separated value) files for easy import and analysis in spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel. Log temperatures to an XML file for integration into wider control systems. Log temperature data only when a configurable threshold is triggered to easily discover and analyse faults in your process.


    Control your actuator directly from a PC – trigger a scan, move the actuator’s position and change device settings directly within SPOTViewer. Overlay multiple scan results on the Scan Graph to easily compare target temperature profiles.
    SPOTViewer is AMETEK Land’s free software package for use with the SPOT thermometer range.

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