Land Image Processing System (LIPS)

AMETEK Land Software - Land Image Processing System (LIPS)
A Windows PC software system for thermal analysis of data from our ARC, NIR, NIR-B, FTI-E and FTI-EB thermal imager ranges. Enables configuration of imager, display properties and temperature analysis options. Versions supporting multiple simultaneous imagers are available.
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    Land Image Processing System (LIPS) is a Windows PC software system offering powerful, flexible image processing for a wide range of industrial measurement applications.

    Able to monitor and control up to four imagers at full frame rate, LIPS offers real-time analysis in versions specific to the ARC, NIR, NIR-B, FTI-E and FTI-EB thermal imager ranges.

    Available in two variants, LIPS Server connects the controller PC to the camera via Ethernet, while LIPS Client gives connected client PCs the same functionality using their PC server.

    Giving users exceptionally detailed control over their thermal imaging measurements, LIPS enhances application measurements in the glass, hydrocarbon processing, industrial processing, minerals, power generation and steel industries.

    LIPS provides extensive control and analytical functions for exceptional process control, including point or area temperature measurement, temperature profiles, histograms, isotherms, measurement trending and digital zoom. Client software versions are available that enable thermal images to be viewed and analysed remotely.

    LIPS enables exchange of information using a simple cross-platform TCP/IP protocol, optional OPC server, analogue signals or alarm output.

    With LIPS, powerful image processing allows for real-time analysis of the thermal information provided by up to four imagers, running at full frame rate.

    LIPS is AMETEK Land’s powerful image processing solution for thermal data produced by the ARC, NIR, NIR-B, FTI-E and FTI-EB ranges.
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