I/O Manager

AMETEK Land Software - I/O Manager
An easy-to-use software utility enabling users to integrate input/output (I/O) hardware modules with AMETEK Land image processing packages. 
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    Designed to work with AMETEK Land’s powerful SPOTViewer, SPOTServer and LIPS image processing software, I/O Manager allows configuration of up to 16 I/O modules.

    This Windows-based utility makes it easy to connect a range of different digital and analogue I/O modules to your image processing software, with the flexibility to add further modules as system requirements change.

    Designed to work with MOXA I/OLogik and Beckhoff CX9001 I/O modules, a free trial version of I/O Manager is available for download. Following a 30-day period (or 100 hours of use), a full licence must be purchased.

    Easy to integrate into existing systems, I/O Manager is suitable for users operating software supporting AMETEK Land thermal imagers including the ARC, FTI-E, FTI-Eb, NIR, NIR-B, and SPOT ranges.

    I/O Manager is AMETEK Land’s utility for easy integration between I/O hardware modules and image processing software.
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    • AMETEK Land IO Manager
      IO Manager - Version - FREE TRIAL

      Release Date: 27/02/2017 - Version Release Notes: - Added support for Beckhoff CX9001 processor with modules - Fixed an issue entering a license code on some machines - Support the latest version of the Moxa modules firmware

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