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Insight Data Acquisition & Analysis

AMETEK Land Software - Insight Data Acquisition & Analysis
PC data acquisition software for direct logging of stack emissions measurements from Lancom 4 portable gas analysers.
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    Insight DAA software is the complimentary data acquisition software for the Lancom 4 portable gas analyser, allowing users to download and log stack emissions data to a Windows PC or laptop.

    Used in conjunction with a Lancom 4 Analyser, Insight provides the statistical and graphical tools for the viewing, in-depth analysis and presentation of collected data.

    Connected to the analyzer via RS232 cable Insight collects data in real time - permitting immediate onsite analysis via laptop for fast decision making.

    Simple and easy-to-use with Lancom 4 gas analysers, Insight DAA is ideal for onsite monitoring of stack applications in the glass, power generation, hydrocarbon processing, minerals and industrial processing industries.

    Data logging can be switched on and off manually, or set to start and stop at programmed times. It can also be configured to log a certain number of samples, or to start/stop when certain process conditions are met.

    Connected to a PC or laptop by cable, network or the internet, data from the Lancom analyser is captured and recorded as measurements are taken, allowing immediate analysis of your information.

    Easy to use, Insight provides a range of display formats and statistical analysis functions to make data handling simple. Data can be exported to Microsoft Excel or a text file, for straightforward database storage.

    Insight is AMETEK Land’s free software tool for logging data from a Lancom analyser to a Windows-based computer.
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