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IMAGEPro - Version 1.0.4 - FREE TRIAL

Release Date: 02/03/2020

Type: Free Trial (30 days)

Platforms: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 with .Net Framework 4.6.2

Minimum Platform Specification:

  • Intel i5 2.5GHz
  • 8GB RAM
  • 512MB graphics card
  • 1GBPS network adapter.

Supported Languages:  English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified)

Version Release Notes: 

  • New product release.
  • COLOUR PALLETS: 6 colour pallets with 5 isotherms.
  • REGIONS OF INTEREST: 100 regions of interest per camera available using points, rectangle, ellipse, free drawn or profile lines.
  • GRAPHS: Profile line, histogram, trend and gauge graphs.
  • DATA STORAGE: MS SQL Server or SQLIte database storage.
  • ADVANCED TRIGGER SYSTEM: Allows actions to be performed when values “trigger” a condition, such as send an I/O signal or start recording.
  • PRE-RECORDED CACHE: Allows recording of up to 10 seconds before recording is triggered.
  • ANALYSIS CORRECTION: Ignores frame values above or below a threshold when displaying analysis results.
  • USER MANAGEMENT LEVELS : Restricts user access to the software through 3 different roles: Guest (view only), Supervisor (change views and display settings) and Administrator(full access including changing imager settings).
  • INTEGRATED MODBUS SUPPORT (MASTER/SLAVE): Users can configure data values in the system to be transmitted or received via Modbus TCP by mapping
  • IMAGEPro data outputs to Modbus register numbers.
  • INTEGRATED I/O SUPPORT: Directly communicates with Moxa I/O Logik and Beckhoff CX9001/CX8090 modules. Up to 16 I/O modules can be connected. Users can configure data values in the system to be transmitted or received via I/O by mapping IMAGEPro data outputs to I/O module pins.