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Landmark Signal Processors

AMETEK Land Fixed Spot Non-contact Thermometers / Pyrometers - System 4
Landmark Signal Processors are designed to produce the process control variables required from any of the System 4 thermometers to improve quality and efficiency.
  • Overview +

    With this total compatibility, you can choose a processor which provides the features and performance you need to meet the requirements of your application.

    All thermometers and processors are calibrated individually to guarantee interchangeability and easy ongoing maintenance.

    There are four Signal Processors in the Landmark range:

    Landmark Graphic MkII - a high precision, multi-function, intelligent infrared thermometer signal processor with graphical display which includes multiple features to improve temperature measurement accuracy and usability.

    Landmark Technic - a high precision, DIN-rail mounted, intelligent digital processor.

    Landmark Basic - a simple back-of-panel DIN-rail mounted signal processing unit designed for system builders and OEMs.
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  • Models +

    LMG MKII Configuration
    The below highlights the configuration of the LMG MKII only

    LMG MKII Configuration

    Card #  Status Connection 
    0 = No Card Current  N/A
    1 = System 4 Card Current System 4: M1,M2,M3,M4,M5,M6,M7,M8,R1,FTS,VDT,MZ(0.5), MZ(2.1)
    2-6 = Application specific and no long used
    No longer in use

    Ext I/O Card Slot can be fitted with Card which releases mathematical processing functionality

    Card #  Function
    0 = No Card N/A
    1 = No longer in use
    2 = Ext I/O Card Maths Function Ext I/O, Background Correction


    LMG MKII 1000-0 Minimum system connecting to one System 4 thermometer (As per above diagram)    
    LMG MKII 1100-0 For connecting 2x System 4 thermometers
    LMG MKII 1110-0 For connecting 3x System 4 thermometers
    LMG MKII 1111-0 For connecting 4x System 4 thermometers
    LMG MKII 1100-2 System completing mathematical computation on 2x System 4 thermometers 
    LMG MKII 1111-2  System completing mathematical computation on 4x System 4 thermometers
    LMG MKII 7000-0 System connecting to 1 x HotSpot
    LMG MKII 7700-0 System connecting to 1x Hotspots with IATS monitoring OR 2x Hotspots without IATS monitoring
    LMG MKII 7777-0 System connecting to 2x Hotspots each with IATS monitoring OR 4 x Hotspots without IATS monitoring (Requires external boost power supply for 2 of the Hotspots)

  • LMi Indicators +

    Indicator Unit
    LMI DC  24V DC Input, Power supply
    LMi DC-AO  24V DC Input, Alarms, Power supply
    LMi AC  115/230 VAC Input, Power suppl
    LMi AC-AO  115/230 VAC Input, Alarms, Power supply
  • Specifications +

    Landmark Graphic MkII Summary
    Accuracy 0.12 % reading
    Outputs 0 or 4 to 20mA and Serial RS485
    Peak Picker 0, 0.25, 0.5, ... 512° / Sec decay rate
    Averager 0, 0.05, 0.1, ... 512 Sec time constant
    Track and Hold 10 ms response time
    Alarms High or Low, NO & NC relays, 2 per channel
    Options Up to four I/O cards, Math Card, Processor Protection cover, Upgrade Kits
    Landmark Technic Summary
    Accuracy 0.12 % reading
    Output 0 to 20 mA or 4 to 20 mA
    Peak Picker 0.25 °/s to 512 °/s
    Averager 50 ms to 512s
    Track and Hold 10 ms response time
    Alarms High or Low
    Landmark Basic Summary
    Accuracy 0.4 % reading
    Output 4 to 20 mA
    Peak Picker 1 to 5000 % of span/s
    Averager 175 ms to 4 s
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