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JRG/A - Plate and Float Glass

AMETEK Land Industry Application Specific - JRG/A - Plate and Float Glass
Application specific design, compact  fast-response thermometer designed for temperature measurements on plate and float glass applications. 
  • Overview +

    A unique miniature radiation thermometer measuring just 28mm x 4mm, JRG/A is specifically designed to monitor temperature consistency in plate and float glass applications.

    JRG/A’s compact design enables it to make difficult near-field temperature uniformity measurements – ensuring temperatures are kept stable or altered with highly controlled gradients during cooling and annealing, and kept uniform across the bath width in the float process.

    JRG/A’s fast response measurement is provided by precise infrared waveband monitoring between 4.8-5.2µm. This ensure the thermometer does not ‘see’ through the glass, providing the critical accurate surface measurement you depend on.

    Available in operating lengths of up to 4.5m (15ft), the precision glass thermometer and probe is ideal for use in the tin bath and annealing lehr on a glass float line.

    With the wavelength restricted to ensure surface temperature measurement, the JRG/A is designed specifically to provide the most accurate result possible for one application – measuring glass temperatures. This makes it easy to set up, use and maintain in this process.

    JRG/A is protected by a water-cooled probe incorporating an air purge, ensuring the measurement is unaffected by the high process temperatures. The only maintenance requirement is occasional inspection and wipe clean of the probe if necessary.

    After a short setting time of 15s to acclimatise to the hot ambient temperature of the process, the thermometer quickly reacts to temperature anomalies - taking just 1s to reach 98% of an instantaneous change. 

    The JRG/A is AMETEK Land’s application-specific temperature measurement solution for plate and float glass.

  • Specifications +

    Type: Land Precision Glass Thermometer type JRG/A, Mounted in a water cooled probe type P/J.
    Detector: Thermopile
    Optical Components: Infrared filter to give an effective waveband of 4.8 to 5.2μm. Zinc sulphide lens and calcium fluoride window.
    Lens Aperture: 12.5mm/1/2in.
    Sighting: The thermometer is focused at 75 mm/ 3 in from the front of the lens and the nominal target size at this distance is 25 mm/1 in diameter.
    Output: Amplified voltage signal 6000mV at 1200°C black body. Linear in radiance.
    Range: 200 to 1200°C (300 to 1100°C)
    Response Time: 1s to 98% of an instantaneous change after setting time of 15s on first being introduced to hot surroundings.
    Ambient Operating
    0 to 70°C/32 to 158°F (Inside A Furnace)
    Absolute Accuracy: 0.75% K plus 1°C
    Repeatability: 1°C
    Ancillary Services: Water - Flow required depends on the length of probe and temperature of hot zone.
    Electrical - Self locating demountable connector.
    Water - Snap on connectors.
    Air - Snap on connectors.
    Dimensions: 43mm/1.7in x 28mm/1.1in dia.
    (Probe and JRG/A)
    Approx 4.5 kg/10 lb) plus 1.8 kg/ 4 lb per
    300mm/1 ft of operating length.
    For further technical specification information please refer to the specific product brochure within the Documentation section below.


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      Accurate measurement of the temperature profile is vital during cooling. The FLT5A thermometer, LSP-HD 5FL linescanner and JRG/A application-specific thermometer are recommended to provide this essential monitoring.

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