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Gold Cup

AMETEK Land Industry Application Specific - Gold Cup Reference Pyrometer
AMETEK Land’s unique reference pyrometer designed specifically for temperature measurements on the surface of reformer tubes.
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    As the only instrument that can provide a repeatable, reliable temperature for reformer tubes, Gold Cup eliminates inherent errors that affect other infrared devices. This makes it ideal for checking and correcting other measurement devices.

    Information from this device can be used to modify portable thermal imagers and infrared thermometers, ensuring that their non-contact measurements are more accurate, leading to increased tube life and a greater product yield.

    A hemispherical reflector produces a measurement area which is emissivity independent – ideal for tubes of unknown emissivity. The reflector edge prevents reflected radiation entering the area, producing black body conditions measured by a silicon detector.

    The Gold Cup thermometer is specifically designed for reformer tube furnace operators in the hydrocarbon processing industry, providing reference readings that enable the correction of non-contact temperature measurement instruments.

    No other measurement device can provide the true temperature reading delivered by Gold Cup. Non-contact infrared measurements depend on accurate emissivity determination and compensation for the furnace environment. Gold Cup’s innovative technology cancels out these factors.

    The temperature display unit is battery-powered and also powers the thermometer. The reflector is inserted through a port into the furnace before the tube can cool, so readings can be taken when convenient without disrupting the process.

    Gold Cup is not intended to replace other temperature measurement methods. However, by increasing the accuracy of more practical, non-contact devices, it helps make your reforming operations more efficient, extending reformer tube life and increasing productivity.

    The Gold Cup thermometer is AMETEK Land’s unique reference measurement solution for reformer tubes in hydrocarbon processing applications.
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