GST - Galvanneal Strip

AMETEK Land Fixed Spot Non-contact Thermometers / Pyrometers - GST - Galvanneal Strip
A high accuracy infrared thermometer providing non-contact measurements of steel strip in the Galvannealing section of a hot dip galvanizing process.
  • Overview +

    The Galvanneal Strip Thermometer (GST) provides continuous, accurate measurements of temperature and emissivity on coated steel during the galvannealing reaction.

    By maintaining control of the reaction zone, GST optimises the heating zone to produce high quality galvannealed strip. It also ensures high production yields of consistently high-quality coated steel demanded by the automotive industry.

    Our high-quality GST infrared radiation thermometer is coupled to an intelligent LMG GS signal processor containing a unique automatic emissivity compensation algorithm. This provides a far more accurate, repeatable measurement than single wavelength or ratio thermometer technologies.

    Specifically intended for use on wide, flat metallic strip produced in the galvannealing process, GST provides the highest possible measurement accuracy needed for this steelmaking application. 

    GST’s high accuracy allows for close control of the reaction zone, enabling rapid changes of line speed and furnace power as substrate types, thicknesses and coating weights change – ensuring tighter control of product quality.

    Sudden changes in emissivity during galvannealing makes conventional thermometer systems report inaccurate results. The unique emissivity compensation algorithm within the LMG GS automatically compensates for this change, producing a more accurate temperature reading.

    GST offers the unique ability to optimise each thermometer in the system individually. This improves the measurement accuracy at each location, using the Application Processor Configuration and Optimisation Software supplied as standard.

    The GST is AMETEK Land’s dedicated solution for accurate measurements on steel during galvannealing.
  • Specifications +

    Measurement Range 300 to 600 °C
    600 to 1100 °F 
    Response Time 1 sec to 98%
    Resolution 2°C/4°F
    Focus Infinity 
    Ambient Temperature Range
    5 to 45 °C / 41 to 113 °F
       Operating 0 to 50 °C / 32 to 122 °F 
    System Outputs
       Temperature Indication 0 to 20 mA or 4 to 20 mA
    Nominal load resistance 500 ohms, maximum load
    including wiring 600 ohms
       Surface Emissivity Indicaction 0 to 20 mA covering emissivity range 0.00 to 1.00
    Nominal load resistance 500 ohms, maximum load
    including wiring 600 ohms 
    Alarm relays (contact rating 50V a.c./d.c. at 0.5A
       Output Update Time 30ms
    Sealing IP65
    Vibration 3G any axis, 10 to 300 Hz
    CE EN 50-08-2 (immunity)
    EN 50-08-1 (emissions) 
    IEC 1010 (electrical safety) 
    Processor Type LMG GS
    I/O Card Type GST I/O Card
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      Once the strip leaves the zinc bath, it is subjected to in-line heat treatment t to alloy the coating into the steel substrate. AMETEK Land’s Galvanneal Strip Thermometer (GST) is designed for measurement of this process.

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