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The Road to Industrial Decarbonisation

AMETEK Land has provided solutions to help energy-intensive heavy industries improve their thermal efficiency, increase product quality, and control emissions for more than 70 years.

Accurate measurements will be more important than ever as the economy moves to a decarbonised future. We are here to provide expert advice and innovative technology to ensure processes are more efficient whilst maintaining or improving product quality.

The road to reducing emissions has many facets and challenges for industry and can be grouped as shown below:

AMETEK Land’s portfolio of solutions can help industries such as metals, glass, and cement optimise energy efficiency, reduce wastage, and successfully manage the change from fossil fuels to bioenergy and electrification.

Whether you want to improve existing processes or explore the potential for change, please speak to our experts and benefit from the transfer of knowledge and sharing of best practice between energy-intensive industries to meet decarbonisation challenges.